Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WorldVentures Singapore

A view of how much the travel industry is worth compared with Coffee & Nutrition: 

How you can participate in the travel business: 

You’re contemplating in signing up WorldVentures because you were introduced to this multi-level marketing company from a chanced opportunity. Now you want to know how to get paid as a representative. 

WorldVentures Dream Trips: DreamTrips Life is your everyday, everywhere vacation-food-entertainment-fun-adventure fix. We've taken the DreamTrips Membership and added exciting additional features like shopping rewards from the places you shop every day, your own personal travel booking website, an incredible concierge service, and much more. It's the DreamTrips lifestyle 365 days a year, even when you're not on vacation!  Initial: USD 199.99 Monthly: USD 49.98 

Representative Business System:  All Representative Applicants must purchase the RBS. This online system includes a Personalized Website, a Back Office Business Website, Online Training, and access to Sales and Marketing Tools. This non-commissioned product purchase is required to become a WorldVentures Representative.  Initial: USD 99.95 Monthly: USD 10.99 

This gives a low start-up cost of : USD 360.91  and per month: USD 60.97(waived if you get 4 friends to sign up).

So what you have to do next to get started as a WorldVentures representative and getting qualified to generate sales? You need to start recruiting people on your team or have a group volume in your downline of your total sales of sign ups to generate commission and residual income. You must do one of 2 things to get commission, make a sale or sign ups in your team that is mention above to a customer or someone who is already a representative with the Network Marketing company. Second, make a personal purchase of any of the products that are mentioned above.

They don’t actually market any products, but you’re promoting the World Ventures Dream Trips association to the customer who can take the travel benefit at wholesale cost. Nonetheless, LTC Plan, which means you’re enrolling somebody into the business and into your team. This how the marketers and the MLM Company make profit in this business. These are the outcome to get rewarded in their compensation plan by talking to prospects to persuade them to become a marketer in the business.

Therefore, WorldVentures is a reliable network marketing company to make money. So to make monthly residual income is to enroll individuals in your team and train them to do the same in your downline. In order to do that, you must have a duplicatable marketing system in a place if you want to produce sales and prosper in network marketing. It is most likely your marketer isn’t training these strategies online.

If you have a insufficient amount of leads or just another disappointed distributor you need to create profit for your travel MLM business. However, you ought to take advantage of the internet today and find a leader or experience internet marketer to get you in the right direction to thrive in Multi-Level Marketing to make a commission for your hard work.

WorldVentures compensation plan…

WorldVentures LLC utilizes a binary compensation plan which is quickly becoming the favorite comp plan for newer companies, although this is not always a good thing.   They have some very unique aspects to their binary compensation plan that differentiate it from the norm.  Every sale generates a $20 direct commission and team building bonuses of $100 are earned every 6 sales with 3 on each side which is pretty standard, but what I like is that when agents make 3 or more sales in a week every cycle for that week is doubled to $200.  In addition, every 6thcycle the WorldVentures awards “TravelDollars” instead of the normal cash payout.   Residual income of $20 for every 6 sales can be earned as soon as individuals achieve the “Director” rank which means 90 agents on each binary team.  One additional aspect to the compensation plan that I really like is that they waive the monthly product fees once an agent achieves 4 retail sales and they will continue to waive the monthly fees as long as the agent has 4 actively paying personal sales.

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